• About this item.
  • * NON - STICK * - This cake pan set is highly efficient with a unique non-stick coating to ensure that a properly cooked cake will not stick to any of the pans..
  • * DURABILITY * - The metal used for these pans are a food grade premium made Stainless Carbon Steel metal to ensure strength, sturdiness, and efficiency.
  • * LOCK-INFUSED BASE * - These pans have a lock system on the base of each pan to allow for easy removal of the side walls of the pan, leaving you with a perfect base to hold and cut your cakes over..
  • * WHAT CAN I MAKE? * - With these cake pans, a whole variety of different flavors and types of cakes are open to you, such as ice cream cakes, cheesecakes, pies, etc...
  • * CONFIDENCE * We at Elite Goods are very confident in our Cake Pan Set (because we use them in our own households) and believe you would be guaranteed to love how many more desserts you can create as well..
  • Imported from USA.
Pan Dimensions: 5" (Small), 7" (Medium), 9" (Large), and 11" (Extra-Large) ... This Cake Mold Set is ideal for baking and cooking up delicious desserts in your own home. Not only is it perfect for cooking, it is also great for things such as cold storage! Create the most amazing pies, ice cream cakes, cheesecakes, fruit tarts.. you name it!

ELITE Cake Pans Set, Springform Non-Stick Bakeware Cake Molds, Stainless Steel, for Cold Storage/Baking Cheesecakes Ice Cream Cakes, Dims 5" Small, 7" Medium, 9" Large, 11" Extra-Large (4 Piece)

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