• SOFT SILCONE & EASY to USE - Made from premium quality silicone which is soft and comfortable to insert into your ears. They will still snugly fit your ears after wearing for hours. 2 separate earplugs shaped to fit your left and right ears are marked with L and R. They’re reusable and can be washed, REMEMBER, wash them before and after use.
  • ERGONOMICLLY FIT & SAFE - Fit perfectly in human ears due to the ergonomic design, no need to worry about falling off while swimming. Unique spiral design can keep your ear canals dry and therefore protect you against infection.
  • NO HEARING DISRUPTION & COMFY - Feature a hollow stem to let the sound pass while swimming. You won’t feel like as if you're swimming in a vacuum, which means, no more tinnitus.
  • PORTABLE & MULTIFUNCTIONAL –Portable with mini size and light weight, easy to store and carry in the storage case. They can be used not only for swimming or bathing but also for applying products such as hair sprays and hair dyes to protect your ears from irritants.
  • ECONOMIC & ECO-FRIENDLY - 3 PAIRS come with storage cases. 6 replacement pairs come without cases but sealed individually,best kits for travelling.
  • Imported from USA.
Why do you need a pair of swimming earplugs? * Reason 1: Increased Comfort * Reason 2: Protection Against Infections and Irritation Why do you need a pair of ergonomic designed earplugs from us? * Made of silicone, soft, gentle and hypoallergenic in your ears. Zero chance of melting like wax ear plugs. * 3 colors available (Black, Blue, White), can be used by both genders * Ergonomic design, fits well and constitutes less drag. * Lightweight, dirt-resistant, easy to wash * One size fits most adults and youth * Affordable, 9 pairs in total How to Use? * Distinguish L and R earplugs * Pull up your ear backward gently to increase the width of your ear canal * Gently twist and roll the plug into your ear canal. * Mildly adjust to fit the earplugs to the auricle Precautions * Wash your hands thoroughly before handling any of the earplugs. It helps you to keep germs and microbes away from your ears. * Do not expose the earplugs until you are ready to use them. * Read the instructions before using them. Tips * If you swim very long and fast, or you have infection in your ears, we suggest you to swim with an ear band or a swimming cap to hold them in position. * If the little L and R etched on earplugs are too small to read, you can mix L and R earplugs with different colors, for example, black one for the left ear and white one for your right ear. * If you have very small ear canals or you are under 9 years old, these earplugs might not fit. * Keep earplugs awa

Silicone Molded Swimming Earplugs,9 Pairs,Waterproof Reusable Upgraded Ergonomically Fit for Adult Kids to Swim Take Shower Bath Surfing Snorkeling and Other Water Sports