• Carrom Coins Approved by Carrom Federation of India & International Carrom Federation.
  • Carrom Board and Accessory have been used in almost all National and International Tournament across world since last many years.
  • These pieces are small generally wooden or acrylic disks. There are nine light pieces, nine dark pieces and one red queen.
  • Made of materials:good quality striker.
  • Product comes with 1 set of Carrom mens, 1 Stricker & 1 Powder Bottle..
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  • Imported from India.

From our experience, we have understood the nature and quality of
plywood and are using the best available grade for our carrom
boards that is why our models are being popular all over the
world and some people called our company name as Synco company.
This plywood is the best choice of tournament players around the
world and in almost all the tournaments of The All India Carrom
Federation and International Carrom Federation are played on
carrom boards with plywood as a playing surface. Synco Carrom
Accessories ( Carrom Men's, Stricker & powder) - Synco Carrom
Accessories Approved & Used in International Carrom Tournament &
Excellent & Fast Re-Bound


Synco Carrom Men, Striker & Powder Blister