• Perfect soil media for a wide range of small foliage clean air collection indoor house plants including pothos, parlor palm, peace lily, snake plant, aralia, schefflera, peporomia, marginata, dieffenbachia, and coffee plants..
  • Grow indoor plants that per NASA studies have shown to effectively filter indoor pollutants and promote a clean air environment for your home or office..
  • All natural ingredients - Features an all natural mixture of pet, perlite, lime, and worm castings. A great combination of ingredients to encourage health and new growth..
  • 4qt Bag of Soil Mixture for clean air indoor plants- Our special mixture of indoor plant potting soil is the perfect blend for use in planting or re-potting your clean air indoor plants..
  • Imported from USA.
Soil Mixture for indoor plants that promote clean air, Specialized Soil Mix for pothos, parlor palm, peace lily, snake plant, aralia, schefflera, peperomia, marginata, dieffenbachia, and coffee plants, 4qt Sold here is a 4qt bag (one dry gallon), enough soil to repot your indoor plant from the nursery size pots they come in from or your local nursery or store, into a pot suited for growth and healthy roots. Hand blended in the United States

Air Cleaning Indoor Plant Soil Mixture, Gardening Soil Amendment and Clean Air Plant Soil Media, 4qt

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