• NATURAL INGREDIENTS:Our skin tag remover contains an advanced blend of concentrated natural ingredients, Our active ingredient contributes broad spectrum healing properties in our unique lotion formula.
  • FAST & EFFECTIVE: In most cases, skin tags and moles will fall off naturally within 7 - 10 days. We created this formula with the goal of helping people feel & look their best!.
  • SUITABLE FOR FOOT AND BODY -- Our amazing Skin Tag Repair Liquid can be used for almost all skin types and can be used on the foot and body..
  • EASY TO USE: Simply apply skin tag remover to any unwanted mole or skin tag and watch them quickly disappear! Some see results in 1-2 weeks!.
  • CONTACT US IF NEEDED: We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, and stand by the quality of our products. Should you for any reason be unhappy with your purchase, please contact us.
  • Imported from USA.
Find enclosed detailed instruction here. Read the instruction carefully to avoid any hurt during the process. Wipe the skin tag remover away in 2-3 minutes after the application to avoid skin discoloration. For best results,don't wash your skin tag in the next 6 hours after the application. After the scab forms and falls, apply the repair lotion 2-3 times per day to speed up the healing process. Apply on one skin tag first and see the result if you have many skin tags or moles DON'T apply on many skin tags in the beginning, apply on the second skin tag when the first skin tag is gone. No matter where your skin tag may be, skin tag remover is the low cost effective way to get rid of them. Just pay attention to avoid some body parts, it might be strong for sensitive body parts, like eyes or lip area.

Organic Tags Solutions Serum - Mole and Skin Tag Remover All Natural Skin Tag Cream for Safe, Effective Skin Tag Removal

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