• Includes: Hair Thickening Serum, Onion Oil, Hair Fall Control Shampoo & Pouch.
  • Adds volume & thickness instantly.
  • Prevents hair fall quickly with no damage.
  • Promotes hair strength & growth.
  • Imported from India.
Add some body to your hair Make way for a safe, easy and best way of improving the appearance of thinning hair. Beardo has brought you a revolutionary Hair Thickening Serum that’s that gives you thicker and fuller hair. Made using effective hair thickening actives, this serum smoothens which form a layer around the hair strand increasing their girth making it thick and strong. A lethal weapon to fight hair fall Falling stars make a magnificent sight, but what about falling hair? Waking up to hair on your pillow when you wake up every morning or losing hair while you wash, dry or comb them is painful! Our hair becomes an easy and primary victim of stress, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle that we have chosen for ourselves, lately. Beardo, the celebrated brand for men’s grooming products has come up with an effective shampoo for men to address this problem! Created by experts in the field of hair care, Beardo Hair Fall Control Shampoo is carefully formulated to nourish your hair and control hair fall with every single wash. So quit wondering about how to increase hair volume and get your hands on the Beardo Hair Fall Control Shampoo right away! Now that you know how to stop hair fall immediately, add Beardo Hair Fall Control Shampoo to your hair care arsenal today, and bid farewell to the ugly sight of hair fall forever! Let your hair say Wah Kanda forever! Hair needs thorough nourishment and care in order to have a he/althy and consistent hair growth. As we age, our hair loses luster and volume and our irregular eating habits and lifestyle add to hair loss and thinning hair. Beardo has come with a unique Onion Oil Concentrate that is literally a boon for your hair.

Beardo Hair Thickening Combo Set of 3 (Hair Fall Control Shampoo 250 ml, HairThickening Serum Spray 50 ml, Onion Oil 25 ml)