• ✔ Onion hair oil for hair growth : A Potent Blend of Red Onion oil & other Proven essential oils deeply nourishing your hair from the roots and stimulating hair improvement and Hair growth.
  • ✔ Pro Sulfur Formula : Red Onion are a great source of Sulphur & Amino Acids which the main components of Keratin which is responsible for the overall hair Improvement. The Onion hair oil Induces Keratin boosters into the scalp promoting healthy hair growth & reducing Hair loss.
  • ✔ Collagen Booster : With Other Added Herbs like Jatamansi, Amla & Reetha this Hair Oil will boost Collagen production. Collagen in turn helps the production of healthy skin cells & hair growth..
  • ✔ Reduces Dandruff & Fizziness : Argan, Oil, Jojoba Oil present in this oil will provides moisture to the dry scalp & deeply nourishes it from the core reducing dandruff from the hair & Fizziness in the hair.
  • ✔ Suitable for All Scalp types & all genders : The Oil is 100% Natural with Zero Chemicals. It may be used by any Men, Woman or others Keratin Booster And Blend Of 42 Essential Oil Extracts – (Sesame Castor Almond Jojoba Argan Coconut Olive Eucalyptus Lemongrass Turmeric Peppermint Calendula Orange Cedarwood Geranium Rosemary Manjitha Latakasturi Nagarmotha Bahada Harada )..
  • Imported from India.
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positive Root Therapy , Advanced Onion Oil for Hair Growth with Keratin Booster and Blend of 42 Essential Oil Extracts…

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